Discovering the streets of Lyon


After a two hours train trip from Paris, I arrived in Lyon in the evening. I went straight to the hostel and stayed there the rest of the day. This trip is being so intense that I am not really having the amount of sleep I would like and, as I spent my days walking (or cycling)  around the cities, I was really tired. My accommodation was at Lyon Hostel, located at a hill top, close from the Goule-Roman ruins. It has also a great balcony were the guests can have breakfast or just chill out.

My Room


To make it easier for me to explore the city, HI provided me with a Gran Tour City – a hop on hop off bus that goes around the main touristic places. It was great for a sight seen and it was suppose to be very convenient because using the tickets, I wouldn’t have to walk up and down the streets. But I did it anyway and my legs are in pain since then.

The first thing I noticed was there were the buildings, because they have an rustic aspect. While Paris is an old city that survived different historic events and changed  over time until the 21th century, Lyon seems more like a place that just jumped from the past to today. I really enjoyed walking through the streets and taking pictures.

Buildings in Lyon

Balcony Lyon

Although the houses and residential buildings are welcoming and simple, the public buildings are enormous and monumental. I could not help feeling amazed by this basilica near to the hostel. It is located on the top of a hill and you can see it from many parts of the city, just as if it were protecting the area. The inside is equally beautiful.



Interior igreja

The feeling I had walking around was that I would be surprised at each corner I turned. That was the reason why I didn’t took the tourist bus so many times (only when I had to walk big distances). Discovering the city by foot was the most interesting activity I did in Lyon.

Ruas de Lyon


Another particularity of Lyon’s streets are the painted walls. Many building have some painting on it, most of the times of the windows, and doors, just like it was a real building. This one has some of the most famous Lyonaisse citzens, including the Petit prince:

Painted wall

Painted wall 2

I finished my Gran Tour at the Gaule-Roman theatre, close to the hostel. The ruins are used until today and there are many plays, concerts and events happening there. How amazing it is to watch a play in a Roman Empire theatre? I wish I had the chance to do that. Maybe next time!

Teatro Romano

PS: Thank you very much for all the comments and all the welcome to France messages! I really appreciate them. I’ll try to catch up your tips and follow them, so if you know some place nice, just tell me! I am going to Sete, Carcassone and Biarritz 😉

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  1. Is there any ugly city in France? I don’t think so! Muito legais suas fotos Nat. Só prova essa minha teoria que na França e na Itália não existem cidades feias e sem charme,rs. Aproveite!

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