Two days relaxing in Sète


After few days of intensive walking and sightseeing, I really needed something calm and relaxing. Probably the Hosteling International’s Association in France imagined that when they were suggesting my itinerary, because after Paris and Lyon, my destination was the calm and colorful Sète.

Sete, Venice of Languedoc


Located close to the Mediterranean Sea, Sète is the second biggest commercial harbour in France, after Marseille. The city has many river channels crossing its streets, fact that gave it the nickname of “Venice of the Languedoc”.  On the first day, I went to a city tour to see the most important points of the region. Here are some pictures:

Canais de Sete

Vista de Sete

Ruas de Sete

Sète is very proud for being home town of an famous French poet, Paul Valery. He wrote a poem about the local cemetery called the Marine Cemetery. The place is indeed very inspiring: it has a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Cemetery Sete

On the second day, I went on a boat ride until the Oysters farms. It was very interesting to see how he grew oysters in the middle of the Ocean (I had a complet differente idea about it).

Fazenda de ostras

Fazenda de ostras 2

Eu no barco

“So, that is it?” You might ask. “You stay two three days and only did those couple of thing?”. No! See what I was doing in the rest of my time there:




I told you: Sète is all about relaxing!

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  1. It’s good to relax when you travel intensively. I’ve been to France and I know this country has a lot of things to do in order to make you feel chilled out and relax. Sete looks so charming, look at this view! I could sit in one of local cafes and keep starring at the sky! 

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